With Sauce you’re in very safe, very skilled hands as our professional PR people, with proven track records, work on each and every ingredient of your project – from concept to completion.

Whether we’re planning your PR strategy, organising your conference, writing your media release, communicating in your marketplace, or sending you a simple progress update….you can expect the very best Sauce, every single time.

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Sophie Blake is as well travelled as they come, but has found her perfect position close to home in Sauce’s ACT office.

Canberra born and bred, Sophie comes to Sauce with a Bachelor of Marketing Management and skills ranging from social media and digital marketing, to public relations and events.

Growing up, you could always find Sophie reading a book, watching a movie or with a pen in hand, writing a story of her own. And she’s no different today. Having explored 11 countries in the past four  years, Sophie has a talent for finding the remarkable message in the stories of the everyday.

Beyond storytelling and her thirst to learn all she can about the world, Sophie has a strong community spirit. She loves being involved in anything that draws people together, which she put to good work as part of the publicity team for the National Folk Festival, which boasts 200 international and local artists across 18 stages over five days.

Sophie has hit the ground running at Sauce (the only way to do it really!) and is already working on a diverse range of projects, from corporate and government communications to mental health campaigns, tourism and hospitality.

Sophie’s got the writing chops and personality that we love for our team. She’s the perfect fit for Sauce, adding a dash of ginger to our already successful recipe!


Sauce’s favourite bit about Sophie:

Kindness can be all too rare in business, but Sophie’s got it in spades. She approaches every project and conversation with warmth, a focus on delivering the best possible result for her clients and what can only be described as gentle charm. She’s a young star on the rise!

Sophie’s favourite bit about Sauce:

Landing her dream job with Sauce, Sophie thrives in this team of women that is bursting at the seams with knowledge, skills and talent. The absolute best part? Having travelled overseas, Sophie is finally getting to know her own country in the best way possible – by working with the people at the very heart of it.

Sophie’s favourite Sauce success:

Within her first month at Sauce, Sophie successfully arranged two live radio interviews and a print article for a client conducting mental health research in the Riverina. Right up her alley!

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