With Sauce you’re in very safe, very skilled hands as our professional PR people, with proven track records, work on each and every ingredient of your project – from concept to completion.

Whether we’re planning your PR strategy, organising your conference, writing your media release, communicating in your marketplace, or sending you a simple progress update….you can expect the very best Sauce, every single time.

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From big picture thinking to fine detail delivery, Sam brings her sharp eye to every project. You can be confident that her meticulous planning, innovative thinking, and results-orientated approach will produce excellent results, start to finish.

Sam specialises in digital marketing, social media management, strategic marketing planning, events management, and content creation – all of which require exceptional organisation, communication and attention to detail. Sam thrives in a dynamic environment, constantly adapting and learning new skills to ensure she can respond to any situation.

With an interest in marketing psychology, Sam has a talent for prompting desired action from target audiences. Combined with her skills in copywriting, she delivers powerful written and visual communications.

Leeton born and bred and with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Public Relations) from the University of Wollongong, Sam understands the wants and needs of rural Australia and how to deliver the goods.

Sauce’s favourite bit about Sam:

Sam’s reply 99% of the time to any request is “no problem, on it”. The other 1% it’s “sure thing”. Sam is always ready to put her hand up; whether it’s for an exciting new project or a day-to-day task. And if she doesn’t know how to do something you can be sure she will find a way to figure it out!

Sam’s favourite bit about Sauce:

Sam says not only is Sauce a unique team, but we serve unique clients. She loves a good challenge and is constantly looking for something new to learn, so working at Sauce gives her the variety in clients she loves and team she can depend on. In short, we tick all her boxes!

Sam’s favourite Sauce success:

Did we mention Sam loves learning? In her first two weeks, she not only attended, but worked her first corporate Sauce event. Sam says having only ever been involved in public or internal events, this opened a new door and a new opportunity to expand her skills.

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