With Sauce you’re in very safe, very skilled hands as our professional PR people, with proven track records, work on each and every ingredient of your project – from concept to completion.

Whether we’re planning your PR strategy, organising your conference, writing your media release, communicating in your marketplace, or sending you a simple progress update….you can expect the very best Sauce, every single time.

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There is great power in mastering words and communications, and no one knows this better than Amy. The perfect blend of creative inspiration and attention to detail makes Amy a writing wonder woman. She’s a master at capturing the unique voices of our clients’ brands and ensuring they say the right things, to the right people, at the right time.

From daily interactive social posts to killer emails that win hearts and minds and convert to sales, Amy has all your written communications covered. With a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in PR and Creative Writing, and a Cert IV in Marketing, she’s right at home in Team Sauce.

Now living in Corowa, NSW, Amy loves the quirks, challenges and highlights of rural and regional Australia.


Sauce’s favourite bit about Amy:

We can’t deny Amy’s ambition and passion for the industry (or her ninja-like multi-tasking abilities!). Not only did she achieve amazing results whilst studying her Bachelor of Communications, she did so while juggling work and raising two small children.

Amy’s favourite bit about Sauce:

Working in an all-female powerhouse agency not only exposes Amy to the unrivalled expertise that all team members bring to the table but encourages her to step outside the box and think big. Nothing is out of reach when you’re in the Sauce team.

Amy’s favourite Sauce success:

Amy was partnered with a like-minded client shortly after joining Sauce and learnt quickly how strong and honest connections make for a successful business relationship. She quickly dove into a diverse range of tasks and was proud to be able to support a great client in their successful rebranding journey.

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