WFH how to: achieve work life balance from home

6 April 2020

Right now, it seems that just about the whole world is moving to working remotely, and for most that means working from home. Some, like us here at Sauce, have been operating remotely for a long time, however for others this is a new and sometimes daunting experience.

So, Team Sauce has put our heads together to share a few tried and true tips that we have found to work for us in keeping us happy and healthy while delivering excellent service to our clients, no matter where our desk happens to be located!

Our team is also currently helping clients to support their employees and maintain strong internal communication and engagement throughout the COVID-19 crisis. If you would like to see how we can support your team, check out the new services we are delivering.

Compartmentalisation and maintaining clear boundaries between home and work life is challenging when working from home. Our tips here may be easier said than done, however observing normal work hours and making time for family, exercise and recreation activities may help maintain a sense of normality.



  • A daily routine
  • Space to exercise (and equipment, if you like)
  • Outdoor furniture, if possible
  • Self discipline and someone to keep you accountable



Step 1: “Go” to work

Whilst it might be tempting to go from the bed to your desk in your pyjamas, working from home can be all about mindset. Find a way to punctuate the start and finish to your work day with a particular task. Get dressed, grab your coffee, and “go” to work by sitting down at your desk. If you can, go for a walk around the block and reenter your home in the mindset that you’re arriving at the office. Avoid sitting in your workspace when you’re not working, this will help to create a separation between play and work. Not sure how to set up your workspace? We’ve already prepared some tips for that here.


Step 2: Take a break

Similarly, try and take your lunch breaks away from your desk, whether in the kitchen or back yard, before returning to work. If you’re used to having lunch dates with colleagues, schedule these via video conferencing or a phone call, move away from your desk and get used to hearing the sounds of your workmates eat… or eat first then chat.


Step 3: Move your body

Ensuring you get some regular exercise is essential to keeping well and mentally alert. This will be more difficult when practising self isolation but not impossible. While you should always follow government guidelines, where possible go outside for a walk, spend some time in the fresh air, check if your local gyms are offering online classes, write yourself a ‘work-out’ regime or take the time to learn yoga. Without a morning commute, may have regained some hours in the day to do this – try to make it a priority for your mental health.