Top five tips for your business’ social media success

26 September 2018

The recent Yellow Social Media Report 2018 reveals that up to 79% of people now use social media, with over a third of these people checking social media more than five times a day. It’s not enough for your business to have a Facebook profile, an active account that is sharing interesting, relevant and engaging content is necessary to compete for and capture the short attention span of audiences scrolling on their mobiles.

Social media accounts are helpful in creating awareness of your brand, your campaigns, boosting customer engagements and building an online community of loyal customers. Here are our top five tips for your business’ social media success.


1. Plan it out

The first step in succeeding in social media is planning. Scheduling, creating and sharing interesting content takes time and effort. You need consistent and well thought-out content to build a substantial following (it takes a lot these days to convince people to hit that “follow” button).


2. Show personality

Social media THE PLACE to showcase the personality your brand and your image. Are you fun? Corporate? Humourous? It doesn’t matter which, so long as you keep it consistent and appropriate to each platform.


3. Use insights

There’s an endless supply of online resources and apps that provide social media insights which you can use to inform your posting behaviour to achieve optimal results (here are some of our favourites). Using key insights such as reach and engagement can determine type of content, timing and frequency of posts achieve your objectives; be it increased website traffic, sales or simply raising brand awareness.


4. Choose your platforms strategically

Choose social media platforms carefully based on where you’re most likely to reach your audience. It’s better to master one or two platforms, than post infrequent and uninteresting content on five accounts. Each social media platform operates differently and for different purposes. Some will work better for your business than others.

Tailor your content to each platform by changing the captions, images or video content to a format, tone and length that is appropriate for each platform and their audiences.


5. Engage with customers

Social media is a two-way street. Take the time to respond and interact with your customers, if they are taking the time to engage with your brand, they deserve the same in return. Respond to all comments, whether they’re positive or negative and take on all feedback. This is the easiest and most direct line of contact you have with your customers so listen!