Time-saving digital tools we’re loving right now

25 May 2018

Our latest discoveries in the digital marketing space have quickly become some of our favourite tools to use. Here we explain how they have helped us improve our processes on social media, made our online reporting more efficient and helped the team juggle multiple projects for multiple clients.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has simplified the way that we manage social media for clients across multiple social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A serious time saver with comprehensive, insightful reports, Sprout Social allows us to quickly produce reports from the performance of one post on one platform to a month of reporting across the entire suite of channels.

Sprout Social also allows you to schedule posts across multiple platforms and profiles in the one place. Pair this with the mobile app, and we can share content for any client at any time!



This tool has soared to the top of our most visited pages in our web browser. Monday is a project management platform that has changed the way that we coordinate tasks and communicate with clients.

With one glance you can see the listed activities, its category (which you can customise), the owner of the task, who it’s sitting with, the deadline, and check its progress by the colour coded status. Within each of these activities (named ‘pulses’) you can add a comment and mention teammates and it will notify them just like in any social media channel.

Upload documents and files in these pulses to keep all your information in one place, rather than sharing documents via email or Dropbox.

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Google Analytics Data Studio

Better marketing decisions begin with better reporting and insights! Another time-saver for reporting and planning, Data Studio is a reporting tool created by Google that presents your Google Analytics in an incredibly user-friendly format.

This tool can streamline your reporting for online marketing activity and give you an easy to understand snapshot of your overall performance with one glance of the dashboard. Get set-up with a free dashboard template or customise it to present the most relevant data to your reporting requirements.

Reaching beyond Google Ads, Data Studio includes add-ons for many digital marketing tools and platforms which means you can consolidate your reporting for your entire digital advertising arsenal. Key add-ons include Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram, MailChimp, PayPal, Twitter and even TripAdvisor Advertising.

There you have it! The latest and greatest digital additions to Sauce’s toolbox.


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