SunRice’s Annual Report celebrates 70 years

3 July 2020

We’re proud to have partnered with the SunRice team and eBrands to produce the 2020 SunRice Annual Report; a beautiful and engaging publication celebrating SunRice’s 70 years and looking to the future.

The SunRice Group has been a client for more than a decade, so we know firsthand that they continuously seek to improve the way they communicate long-term sustainable value to their growers, investors and other important stakeholders. In line with this, the 2020 Annual Report integrated both financial and non-financial reporting for the first time, including the company’s global context, strategy, brands and products and its approach to sustainability and risk, as well as its financial performance and position.

We also celebrated SunRice’s 70th year in operation with a look back at the company’s milestones, from the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of Riverina rice growers pooling their money to fund a single rice mill in 1950, to the truly global food group SunRice is today.

Liane was the lead on this project for Sauce and loved it, from start to finish!

You can find SunRice’s 2020 Annual Report here: