Sauce supports rural research

12 September 2017

Team Sauce has been privileged to provide pro bono services to PhD candidate Kylie Crnek-Georgeson from Western Sydney University with her research project. An issue close to our hearts, Kylie’s research is investigating the mental well-being of older Australians from rural and regional areas and their retirement pathways.

Kylie hopes to uncover links between retirement pathways and lower suicide rates. Entitled ‘‘Retirement pathways, mental well-being and suicidal behaviours in older rural Australians”, the research will be published in academic journals and used to inform government about the particular retirement trajectories of older rural Australians.

Kylie reached out to Sauce for assistance in reaching the regional and rural audience with a call for participation. She requires at least 10 interviewees from three separate groups in order to conduct her research.

The three groups are:

  1. Riverina residents who have had a family member die by suicide in the last 10 years, who was either working or retired and over 45 years of age.
  2. Riverina residents over the age of 45, retired or working and has had lived experience of suicide.
  3. Riverina residents over the age of 45, retired or working and has not had any lived experience of suicide, either themselves or through the loss of a family member.

To participate or for more information please contact Kylie Crnek-Georgeson at or phone (02) 4620 3628