10thousandgirl helping women achieve their financial goals

29 February 2016

Australian women are becoming more strategic when managing their finances, although many find they need more discipline, knowledge and skills to achieve their goals, according to a new survey conducted by NFP financial wellbeing social enterprise and Sauce client, 10thousandgirl.

Research reveals that while 63% of those surveyed said they set financial goals for the New Year, 60% admitted they don’t actually create a budget for achieving them, with almost two thirds saying they needed more discipline, 43% more knowledge and 42% more skills.

Participants listed key financial goals as ‘general savings’ (56%), debt management / reduction (50%), house/mortgage (37%), overseas travel (30%) and saving for a life event like a baby or wedding (4%).

To help regional women across Australia achieve their financial goals, 10thousandgirl have been facilitating free half-day money management and investment education workshops as part of a national, two-year Better Money Management program that offers regional women access to expert financial education, free of charge.

Supported nationally by Rabobank, the program is designed to strengthen the financial position and planning abilities of regional women. Over the last seven months the Better Money Management Roadshow has hosted workshops across the country, everywhere from Orange, Young, Shepparton and Geelong through to Toowoomba, Hobart and Geraldton.

“It’s important that we have goals to strive towards, but as our survey shows it takes commitment, information and know-how to achieve them,” said Zoe Lamont, 10thousandgirl founder and CEO.

“10thousandgirl was established to educate women, no matter where they are, to learn the skills and build the confidence to better manage their money, so they have the financial acumen to achieve their dreams.”

Sauce is proud to be continuously working with 10thousandgirl to provide awareness of the roadshow and assist regional women in taking control of their financial security.

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