Resetting Sauce for the future

13 October 2021

Sauce celebrated a success in September when we managed to get nine of our team of 12 together for what was coined our ‘Agency Reset Day’. This was an opportunity for us to review everything that makes Sauce, Sauce, and to launch our new look (keep an eye out for it!).

Our remote working arrangements combined with national lockdowns meant that the day had been postponed multiple times and many of our team hadn’t yet met in person. A day at the Whitton Malt House getting to know each other, familiarising ourselves with the Sauce vision, values and approach and generally realigning was exactly what we needed. Those team members that couldn’t attend in person joined via Zoom, and we’re all looking forward to reconnecting with our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney-based team members as soon as we can.

As well as plenty of behind the scenes vision of our day and a long overdue photo shoot, we also shared a sneaky video of our delicious team dinner at Limone on Instagram! Be warned. It will make you hungry!

Watch it here