Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia on the Front Foot

17 August 2016

Sauce was extremely pleased to recently work with the Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia (KIAA) in a revamp of its communications, branding and website to make it easier for people to find out about the benefits of the industry.

The kangaroo industry is widely regarded as an intelligent use of a sustainable resource and through careful management, the industry produces high quality meat and leather products for the domestic global market by utilising the super-abundant kangaroo population.


Sauce was delighted to partner with KIAA and engage with other suppliers such as the Sprinklier graphic design team and Cut Above Productions in Wagga, to draw out the key messages that they wanted the Australian public and international consumers to understand. For instance, the exceptional health benefits of kangaroo meat are not universally understood and as such the Sauce team went about managing the production of a short information video featuring a nutritionist and chef to really demonstrate the many nutritional and cooking benefits.

IMG_6648We also used our new-found knowledge on the industry to develop a new visual identity and website for KIAA, helping them bounce into the spotlight and giving the organisation a modern and professional brand they rightly deserve.

The importance of communicating the values, and the ethical and sustainable nature of industry became apparent very early in our work with the KIAA. Sauce was able to help collate and present information about the research, regulation and oversight of the sector to demonstrate its credentials.

Sauce is proud to support organisations and industries which contribute to rural and regional economies and communities. The kangaroo industry is an important part of the Australian economy supporting 2000 licensed harvesters and generating over 2000 jobs in the processing and transport sector plus more jobs in government, sales and other allied activities.

To see the fresh look KIAA logo and branding or to learn more about this important Australian industry head over to the new KIAA website.

KIAA logo Vertical Colour