De Bortoli Wines achieves first Platinum Sustainability Recognition In NSW

12 September 2017

We love it when our clients shine, and De Bortoli Wines has certainly done that with their commitment to sustainability as they strive to become a ‘Zero Waste Winery’.

This year, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage recognised De Bortoli Wines as a ‘world leader’ for sustainable production and consumption when presenting the fourth-generation family-owned winery with the state’s first Sustainability Advantage Platinum Project.

The Platinum Project acknowledges novel potassium recovery technology known as ‘The De Bortoli Method’. Reflecting the family motto ‘Semper ad Majora’, or ‘always striving for better’. It is the latest of many initiatives created by a culture of continuous improvement that drives the company to explore new and innovative approaches to resource efficiency and waste minimisation.

The De Bortoli Method aims to reduce the amount of chemicals used to clean winery tanks and machinery, while improving wastewater and soil quality at De Bortoli’s wastewater farm. After five years of research and development, De Bortoli is investigating building a factory-scale plant that aims to initially halve the winery’s cleaning materials, leading to significant cost savings, with potential for commercial application for any business using caustic chemicals.

With a vision for a future where great wine and a healthy environment can be enjoyed by everyone, De Bortoli is also embarking on a significant undertaking to convert 10 to 15% of their Riverina vineyards to organic in five years.

Sauce is proud to have the opportunity to support the De Bortoli team in spreading the word through the wine industry and beyond about this significant achievement.