COVID-19 Recovery Packages

Whether you were forced to close or continued trading during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting your message across is more important than ever and being prepared for what comes next is crucial.

As we all start to recover and rebuild, our communications support packages can assist your business effectively reach key stakeholders as you continue to adapt to the Federal Government’s COVIDSafe steps and more importantly plan ahead in the event your business is involved in an outbreak.

Sauce’s experts in stakeholder communications, issues management and crisis communications are ready to help. Select a package below or call us to discuss your needs today.


COVID-19 Recovery - External Communications

Your customers, suppliers, investors, local communities and other stakeholders need to be clear on how your business is operating in these evolving conditions (and what it means for them). This package will identify who you need to talk to, what you need to say, where and how often to ensure you protect your relationships and reputation over both the short and long term. If you do nothing else, make it this.

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COVID-19 Recovery - Internal Communications

There’s no greater asset than your team. With frequent changes in operations impacting your employees, they need constant communication about expectations and what this means for them your customers and your business. This package will guide your employee communications, provide a tailored roadmap to keep employees engaged, informed and focused on helping your organisation and your customers navigate the next six months.

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COVID-19 Recovery - Crisis planning for every scenario

One thing COVID-19 has taught so many businesses is that they weren’t prepared for a crisis. But businesses face crises every day, from product recalls and workplace accidents, to IT security breaches or industrial action. The key to effectively managing a crisis is communication. We’ll deep dive into the risks your business faces and develop an issues management response plan that can be implemented quickly across your team in the event of a crisis.

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COVID-19 Recovery - Media training

While traditionally the absence of information in a crisis can breed fear, so too can overpowering and conflicting information. If you’re called on for comment by the media, how you handle yourself in an interview can have lasting impacts on your business and your brand, either good or bad. This package will get you media ready fast, teach you the ins and outs of interview techniques and ensure you stay in control of your messaging, even under the most trying of circumstances.

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Ongoing communications support for larger organisations:

We’re a multi-award-winning communications agency that has provided dedicated communications counsel and support to many of Australia’s largest businesses and brands for more than 15 years. From corporate affairs and investor relations, to crisis communications and event management, we can provide critical communications support to your organisation during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

To find out more about Sauce’s credentials or to talk about how we can help you, get in touch with Liane today.

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