While traditionally the absence of information in a crisis can breed fear, so too can overpowering and conflicting information. If you’re called on for comment by the media, how you handle yourself in an interview can have lasting impacts on your business and your brand, either good or bad. This package will get you media ready fast, teach you the ins and outs of interview techniques and ensure you stay in control of your messaging, even under the most trying of circumstances.


A two hour online media training session with a Sauce senior to equip you for any media situation, including:

  • Understanding what drives the media and makes news.

  • Developing effective messages to position you and your business powerfully.

  • Techniques and role plays to get you confident for print, online, radio and TV interviews.

  • How to handle tricky questions and stay on message under fire.

  • How to avoid being misquoted or being quoted out of context.

  • The importance of choosing the right spokesperson.

  • Authenticity and tone: how to lead through a crisis


  • Sauce’s top bridging statements: how to get back on your message / game.

  • Do’s and don’ts for media interviews.


AUD$3,500 + GST (for 1-2 people)

AUD$5,000 + GST (for 3 – 5 people)
*For larger groups, please enquire.

We’re ready to get you ‘media-ready’ when you are. After purchasing this package, we’ll send you links to prepare for our online media training session together (everything we need to know about your business, your communications concerns and your existing media skills, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned commentator), as well as your bonus content.

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