Client Spotlight: Communication key for Precision Agriculture

2 April 2019

Excellent communication is important in any business or organisation, but at Sauce we find that it has different a purpose, role and focus depending on the client. In talking with Mike Chaseling, Executive Chairman of Precision Agriculture, we discovered that the focus for his company is all about engaging their clients.

“We put the client, the grower or agronomist, at the heart of everything we do, and we need our communications to reflect that,” said Mike.

Precision Agriculture communicates directly with their clients and stakeholders via a regular e-newsletter and EDMs to flag issues of interest, provide advice on industry and seasonal topics or update them on upcoming events. “We believe very strongly in talking only when we have something valuable to say, so we focus on content that will enable the viewer to learn something new or take away an important message,” said Mike.

Taking a thought leadership role is increasingly important to Precision Agriculture, especially in helping to support the adoption of precision agriculture tools and techniques within Australian agriculture. This is achieved through blog articles, contributing editorial and engaging with the media to provide interesting and fresh content.

“We see vast scope for precision farming to support agriculture to be the best it can be and to help farmers address the challenges of climate change, drought, disease and ever tightening business margins. So, we feel we have a responsibility to take part in the debate that will hopefully see more and more growers understand the benefits of things like Variable Rate fertiliser application and grid mapping.”

Social media is also an excellent way to not only tell, but show, our audiences what Precision Agriculture is up to. By being able to share real stories about our clients and projects that we are running in collaboration with industry, we can really engage people in the story and they can see the gains from our services first hand. The old saying that a picture tells a 1,000 words may be true, but a short video clip can have an even greater impact.

“Getting our message out in an engaging way, to the audiences that really matter, is vital to our success. People will only know what a great service Precision Agriculture provides, and the benefits we can deliver, if we tell them.”