Bringing SunRice’s premium sushi rice to life

25 May 2018

We’re excited to announce the third instalment of SunRice’s “Bringing Short Grain Rice to Market” video series was released this week, which takes you behind the scenes of the 2018 Riverina rice harvest.

This four-part series brings to life the ‘paddy to plate’ process of growing premium Australian short grain rice for SunRice’s Japanese and Korean wholesale customers.  The series follows the progress of Finley grower John Hawkins’ crop of short grain Koshihikari, which is preferred by Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Featuring beautiful footage and expert insights, the videos illustrate what sets the Riverina apart as a premium short grain rice producer for global markets.

As well as the videos, we’re proud to have had the opportunity to support SunRice on the development of a new dedicated sushi website that houses the video series as well as providing further information on the heritage of SunRice’s short grain rice, how it is grown and the company’s integrated supply chain. Just like the videos, the website is visually appealing, encouraging visitors to learn more about the SunRice brand and to delve deeper into their short grain rice story.

None of this would be possible without our production partners, Anvil Media and Michael Frogley Photography.

Visit the website and watch the video series by visiting Or watch part 3 here:

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