AuMake’s transformative foundation year

26 September 2018

It’s hard to believe just over a year has passed since Sauce started working with AuMake to support their journey to ASX listing and we remain a proud partner for all corporate affairs, PR and investor relations activities.

It’s been a fast paced and exciting time, with a significant number of milestones achieved in what has been a transformative foundational year for the company, including:

  • An Initial Public Offering (IPO) which closed early and oversubscribed;
  • ASX listing day in October last year with an opening share price of 8 cents and first day close of 23.5 cents, (with shares remaining in the high 20s);
  • Opening four new stores in Sydney, with a flagship store in George Street and a world-first Daigou Hub in Haymarket, as well as a corporate head office and showroom in Auburn;
  • Acquisition of Kiwi Buy retail stores and trademark in Sydney;
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with Chemsave, Australian Made and iTrip;
  • Brand acquisitions and development of owned brand product; and
  • Now a focus on expanding distribution opportunities in China with a store front on and the opening of a Daigou Hub in Xiamen.

You can read more about AuMake’s journey in their first Annual Report. It’s been Sauce’s privilege to be with them every step of the way and we can’t wait to see what we’ll be working on with the AuMake team this year.