Are you prepared for your next crisis?

2 July 2020

Are you prepared for how you would respond if you faced a COVID-19 outbreak in your business? What about a serious workplace accident, a product recall or a customer data breach?

Who would you tell first? Employees, suppliers, distributors, media, customers?

How frequently would you communicate with these stakeholders and what channels would you use?

What would you do if a news crew arrived at your workplace? Who is authorised to speak on behalf of your organisation? Have they received media training?

How would you alert the public while protecting your reputation?

COVID-19 has taught many businesses that they were unprepared for a crisis. And now Australia is moving towards recovery, it’s time for a crisis management health check for all businesses.

There are potential issues lying dormant in every workplace, from becoming the target of activist groups, data breaches and fraud, to product recalls, unexpected workplace shutdowns and perceived or actual conflicts of interest.

Our Crisis Planning for Every Scenario service package will deep dive into the risks your business faces and develop an issues management response plan that can be implemented quickly in the event of a crisis. It’s a low cost, high stakes investment in your business’s future.

Let us know if we can help. Because in the words of Mike Adamson, CEO of the British Red Cross, every person who prepares is one less person who panics in a crisis.