An evening with Landcare NSW

18 July 2016

img_0780Earlier this year, Sauce Account Director Sally Edgar was lucky enough to spend an ‘Evening with Landcare’ at NSW Parliament House at a special event organised by the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL), a non-political group that enables MPs to show support for Landcare in their local communities.

Sauce has been providing communications support to Landcare NSW for some months, and we were honoured to be part of the event, where the efforts of so many who contribute to and support Landcare initiatives were recognised.

Held on Tuesday 10 May, the event was attended by around 65 people, with Landcare NSW Councillors, Local Coordinators, Landcare volunteers and senior departmental representatives mingling with MPs from all political parties and parts of NSW. MPs were even given a native seedling to take away and plant in their electorate; a thank you for their support, and a symbol of what can be achieved in future.

landcare-1Host of the evening, PFL Chair the Hon Katrina Hodgkinson noted the vital role of Landcare, Bushcare and Oceanwatch, saying, “All these different types of caring for our land and caring for our environment are very, very important.”

The event was a fantastic way to bring Landcare to decision makers, with Chair of Landcare Rob Dulhunty adding, “Talking face to face makes it so much easier to tell our story about the great things Landcarers all over NSW are doing every day of the week.”

We certainly can’t wait to see what great things come next for Landcare NSW here at Sauce!